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Dr. Karen has changed my life for the better

I first started working with Dr. Karen, when I was 11 years old. Before I started working with her, I didn't know where my life was gonna go.

I felt stuck, uncertain. She has guided me in ways to help me get to what I never thought I could get.

- Abbie Gladstone

Now I'm very clear on what my purpose and calling is...

Before I attended this amazing retreat, I was feeling really stuck. To the point I was getting depressed and really frustrated with my life

Now I can honestly say that I am no longer stuck. I am very clear on what my purpose and calling is and the next steps that are required for me to fulfill my calling and purpose.

- Jennifer M.

I experienced that rush of positive energy because I finally broke through that limiting belief!

Dr. Karen Kramer is a boss coach!! When you have Coach Karen in your corner, she means business. And that business is YOUR breakthrough and success in life -- most importantly in your personal development and relationships AND beyond.

- Eleanor Mariano

Dr. Karen inspired me to do more, be more, and is a large part of why I am living my best life!

I am at a transitional period in my life. … It was a very important time for me to release fear and anxiety among other emotions…. Since then, I have been able to move full steam ahead, completing everything I needed to do. … Finally, the voice in my head has quieted down quite a bit.

- Wendi Freeman