What happens if life is JUST TOO MUCH … and you need a break … before you BREAK?

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 The VillaVision is a spa-inspired, therapeutic wellness center for women to help ground themselves in happiness, health, and wholeness from the inside out.


Feeling frustrated, stuck, and alone?

This is your guide through loss.  Discover the keys to unlock your grief journey.

It's more than a book. It's a life-long companion. 

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Why the VillaVision?


The VillaVision’s approach to wellness stems from Dr. Karen Kramer's experience after losing her father and a string of heartbreaking experiences that followed. Seeking help all she found was:


  • a therapist who labeled her with an unhelpful diagnosis
  • a doctor who wanted to give her drugs
  • a fancy destination spa that only gave temporary relief
  • and a business coach who wanted to keep her busy

But none of that actually helped solve the issues and provide long-term relief... until she found the techniques and methods she uses today.

Which is why she designed the VillaVision to both give privacy and seclusion with FREEDOM from the day-to-day stresses. While also incorporating methods that allow you to fully breakthrough and find long-term results.

Here at the VillaVision, we believe that RECONNECTING with ourselves and the purity of our wholeness offers a means to REDISCOVER the universe inside.

The VillaVision wellness is a journey of reawakening to the power within, with a gentle sense of JOY and discovery.

✔ Emotionally DETOX through long-lasting and proven therapeutic techniques

 Experience a private SANCTUARY for you to escape day-to-day life

✔ Provide BALANCE and optimal wellbeing both from within and without

 Enjoy a gentle sense of JOY and discovery

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Unleash your inner power with life-changing techniques that remove limiting beliefs and unlock your true potential easily and effortlessly.

  • Improve your relationships with fight-free communication
  • Gain a greater sense of purpose and direction for your life
  • No longer feel triggered or out of control emotionally
  • Bounce back from setbacks and challenges more quickly


Ready to take back your life and no longer wonder who you are or what you want? Hit the RESET button and begin to thrive intentionally.

  • Deeply clarify what it is you truly want in life
  • To release what’s holding you back from your best self
  • To learn to trust your intuition and connect with yourself
  • To allow yourself to step into this next version of you


Make a positive impact in the world and support the VillaVision in our mission to provide relief and healing to women who have lost a loved one.

  • Get involved and give in a way that matters most to this legacy of uplifting women
  • Help us build out the full VillaVision Wellness & Retreat Center
  • Be one of the first to lay the foundation stones of the Villa 

Client Love...

I experienced that rush of positive energy because I finally broke through that limiting belief!

Dr. Karen Kramer is a boss coach!! When you have Coach Karen in your corner, she means business. And that business is YOUR breakthrough and success in life -- most importantly in your personal development and relationships AND beyond.

- Eleanor Mariano

I wasn't clear on the next stage of my life...

Your Life retreat has been amazing. Just letting go of negative feelings and embracing the positive ones. Realigning to my purpose, getting clear on what's my next steps.

I can open up to freely be myself.

- Yvette T.

Dr. Karen has changed my life for the better...

I first started working with Dr. Karen, when I was 11 years old. Before I started working with her, I didn't know where my life was gonna go.

I felt stuck, uncertain. She has guided me in ways to help me get to what I never thought I could get.

- Abbie Gladstone

Dr. Karen inspired me to do more, be more, and is a large part of why I am living my best life!

I am at a transitional period in my life. … It was a very important time for me to release fear and anxiety among other emotions….

Since then, I have been able to move full steam ahead, completing everything I needed to do. … Finally, the voice in my head has quieted down quite a bit.

- Wendi Freeman

Meet your Practitioner

Dr. Karen Kramer

"Just be curious"


With a background in business and leadership, certifications as a coach in various modalities, a previous Program Manager and Executive Coach for the Center for Creative Leadership, a woman-preneur, and a mother and step-mother of five children... I deliver both personal and professional aspects to coaching individuals who want to live their life more fully.

I know what it takes to walk alongside women who know they want more out of life.

Fueled by my own father's passing in 2012 and a series of heartbreaking experiences after that, I've discovered techniques and modalities that don't just provide temporary relief, but FUEL YOU for a lifetime.

Board Certified in NLP, TimeLine Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, and NLP Coaching

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